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Strategic Product Development

The successful development of a product, a service or a technology is not a matter of luck, but a result of methodological efficient processes!

Seminar Strategic Product Development

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Constantly increasing product requirements, cost pressure due to global competition as well as the influence of politics lead to enormous challenges in all industries. Those who want to continue successfully in this complex environment on the market need inevitable to investigate in innovative products, services and technologies as well as in efficient processes along the value chain.

The goal of a successful product strategy is to offer

  • the right product
  • as the right time
  • in the right market
  • to the right customer
  • in just the right quantity
  • at the maximum acceptable price
  • with the least possible resources.


This is exactly where Strategic Product Management comes in. It considers the entire product life cycle of a product or service from the observation phase through the development phase to the market phase:

Strategic Product Management

Strategic Product Management follows a targeted holistic approach and contains the following steps:

process Strategic Product Management

  • analysis of current situation: Where do we stand today? What influences our business? What are the trends/mega trends?

Strategic Foresight: Consider the future and try to shape it.

Strategic Foresight

Analysis of the macro- and micro environment:

analysis environment

5 forces of Porter:

5 forces Porter

degree of novelty Dr. Stahl

Kano model



  • product- and market strategy: positioning of the product/service, price, markets, assortment, etc.

  • planning, product performance: requirements of the product > determine requirements and specifications, determine resources, etc.

"The secret of success is to understand the viewpoint of others"

(Henry Ford)

  • product development: develop with PEP > product development process
PDP Product Development Process

  • market phase: market launch, market observation, product portfolio, product overview

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